Love Poured Out

By lisa delgado taken at Canaan at the Desert, Phx. Az.                  My Love for you was poured out when I decended from heaven
                                                      and made Myself lower than My servants, the angels.
                                                 My Love for you was poured out when I chose to walk amongst
                                                       sinners, instead of taking My rightful place  on the earthly throne in
                                                     Temple built by the hands of men.
                                                 My Love for you was poured out when I took the place of a servant and
                                                     washed My disciples feet.
                                                 My Love for you was poured out when I the Lord took the punishment for
                                                     your sins and nailed them on the cross.
                                                  My Love for you was not because you deserve it,
                                                     just recieve My Love, It was Poured Out with My Blood

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  1. marie-christine says:

    I liked this program and the image because it appeals to the Spirit of God know everything in this world is fleeting that we should always be ready
    The Lord gave us everything, but did not offer him only sin and neglect
    I ask you Lord to forgive us our sins and forgive us our negligence to you and give you allow for all human beings because they do not know what they are doing Amen

    Ask satisfied Oh my God, Who am I, O Lord, to enter under the roof of my house, but say the word, live by myself I am filled with affection and Make us to be clever as serpents and meek as doves Oh GOD, I love you I love you Jesus I love you with all my heart and my portion You are my life and my salvation Amen


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