Why do people send “Love God Tests”

I remember growing up and someone would say> "If you love me then you will do this or that" And by the guilt sent in that statement i would find myself doing what i really didn’t want to do. Not because of any paticular reason. I just didn’t want to do it and I felt that that was a good enough reason. I found through this method of manupation that i was eventually bound in the bond of slavery. For instance, if i did something for someone just out of a simple act of love and never expected anything in return; then to me in my own heart, my motives were pure in the Eyes of the Lord. But, if i did something for someone expecting something in return, maybe from them or more so from God who sees everything, then the motives of my heart would be deceitful and manipulating. Or, another example of manipuation would be from some other person stating: "You did this for her/him " or "If she/he asked, you would do it."
I know that my love for God is true in my own heart and that His Love for me is without measure or limitations, and i do know that Jesus Himself says, "If you love Me, you will obey My commands and take My yoke." Jesus’ commands are really quite simple if we are drawing from His Love, which is absolute and perfect. So His Yoke of Love that was poured out on the cross for all who believe in Him, shouldn’t be manipulated by crafty words of guilt and condemnation; but rather recieved by repentance, acceptance, and forgiveness. God loved us first, He sent His Son, His Son came, out of obedience to His Father because His Father Loves Him, and He loves His Father and Jesus prayed: Father, that they may be One with You and I, as we are One. I can’t prove my love for God on a measurment, condition, act or deed. If I even attempted such an act; then God would be proven right and me a liar. But if i recieve His Gift of Perfect Love, then I recieved the love of God in me; His Spirit that truley loves God, then my love for God is holy, true and pure. As Paul said, "I no longer live, the life I live I live in Christ Jesus."
Love shouldn’t be measured by acts or deeds
it should be done.
Love shouldn’t have and end to it,
it should be without knots or ends
Love shouldn’t be touched up, or made up,
it should be as it is, the first draft
Love shouldn’t be picky, pushy or demanding
it should be pure.
Love can’t be bought,
it’s price was already paid for.
Love is a gift from God. God is Love!
Love shouldn’t be in want
it is already there.
If you look just up ahead, you will see Love standing in front of you.                         Though we travel many roads in a day, at the end of the road we all meet at the Cross.
You will see what Love did on the Cross at Calvery
God is Love and He does not send love test, He sees His Love in you
He sees His Son’s Blood on you.
Love was poured out.