It’s Been a Long Time

It’s been a long since my mom and i just enjoyed eachother’s company. Today my heart just rejoices in the Lord, for His loving-kindness towards us, and yes, praise is on my lips! Just recently my parent’s were in a terrible car accident and i almost lost my mother. The worst part is that I could have lost precious moments like today, we laughed, cried joyful tears as we shared about my Grand-mother and my Great-grandmother, whom both had personal relationships with Jesus Christ.
 Just yesterday i had asked my cousin if she would share how her mother impacted her life with the knowledge of Jesus Christ through her deeds. For instance, my grandmother would always talk to Jesus as she was cooking or cleaning; and when she was in distress about someone or something, she would go and cry out before Him. In responce, i could just hear her joyfully speaking through the E-mail of her mother’s faith and trust in the Lord. I could hear her laughter as she shared of her moms way to talking to the Lord as was trying figure how what to cook for dinner and she would say, "Oh, see, see, that’s good."
I don’t want to look for wrong in people, it makes me a mean tirant, with judgmentle disqust, that is not even fit for the Kingdom of God. I am so happy when i see how aweful i was to God, and yet, He sent His Son. That makes me grateful and hopeful for those who are still to come, which they will!
My moms youngest brother was on meth for years, today he came to my moms and i was filled with awe of the Lord, my uncle has been clean for over a year now, and he looks great! Praise only to the Lord! My dad was lost and lonely for a long time, today he was laughing and smiling.
I just want to publicly thank God for what He is doing in the lives of my family and giving us moments like these to just love eachother, the way He loves us!
Thank you Jesus!