Never Forgotten

It was Christmas Eve night, the house was silent,
 not a sound was made
not even the newborn babe made a sound.
All sat still with not a word to say,
 not a merry voice rejoiced in the house.
No Christmas Tree on display,
 no turkey in the oven, not one single ornament
in the house. No gifts hidden away, not even one!
This was a night i will never forget, i will never forget this night because the Lord didn’t forget us.
It was December 1985, Janelle was five months old, and i was pregnant with
our youngest daughter Vanessa. Shanna was 9, J.J. 8 and Ray just 7yrs. old.
Every year my in-laws had the tradition of drawing names and giving gifts to eachother.
I remember saying to my mother-in-law, "We can’t even afford to buy for our own."
I guess, i had a little bit of bitterness in my voice, maybe i gave her the impression
that i wanted no part in the tradition, but it was the truth, we couldn’t even afford a Tree!
I felt ashamed that we couldn’t give our children presents. Jess had to work late and I was hopeful that
Shanna and J.J’s mom would pick them up and at least give them gifts. Ray was waiting
for my mom to pick him up, so he could be with his cousins. That would make it easier for Jess and I;
and Janelle was too young to understand. But this didn’t make things better. We were a family and
Christmas was suppose to be about family. God did send His Son to bring into His Kingdom sons and daughters,
When my mother arrived, she walked into the house and seen the three older kids sitting on the sofa
with sad faces. I tried to reassure her that everything was fine. I gave her every excuse i could think of; for not having Christmas that year and how we wanted to save money. Something we didn’t have much of
after bills, rent and groceries. But of course, i am not a very good liar, and my mom could see right through me!
You know, my mom had plans for that night, she was expecting a lot of company and everyone looked forward to going to my parents house. She worked very hard early in the week preparing for the Christmas Eve party that everyone attended every year. My mom is the best cook, and she made the traditional tamales and menudo like
no other. She decorated the house, had deserts set out and was on her last stop before finishing up the last detail
for the party.
There is no greater love, than the one who lays down his own life for another.
 My mother went to the phone, called home and canceled the party. She loaded us in her car; took us to K-Mart and bought the biggest Christmas Tree she and the kids could find. She bought the kids creat paper and crayons to make ornaments for our tree. She then took us the grocery store where we bought a chicken to roast and cookie dough to make our own cookies. And of course she had gifts for all the kids.
My mom’s love was a token of God’s love and faithfulness. She expressed the meaning of "No Greater Love than This" I am greatful to God for my mom, and when i think of the things like this that she has done, my love for her can’t be expressed in any other way than to honor her with the love of God, in Christ Jesus, whose love is unlimited.
It doesn’t have to a big thing to bless others, just a simple act of love.