Gobbling or Gobble?

I thought i would ask my husband, probably the dumbest question ever.
I asked, "what does gobble mean?" He looked at me with an expression
of confusion and wonder. He was probably wondering, "Who are you?"
I warned him before asking the question; and reassurred him that I
was not losing it. It was a simple question. If a little child would have
asked this question; he probably would have chuckeled a little and
explained his opionion of what gobble meant.
 Very carefully, to a grown woman, thinking he must find a
way to pull me out of confusion; explained that gobbling was just a phraise,
expressing the sound a turkey makes.  On the otherhand, it really didn’t
make any sence to him at all why i am asking this dumb question.
Now i probably have you thinking the same, right?
I completely understand that gobbling means, ‘to eat and swallow food greedily.’ I also understand
that his interpetation was right as well for the word, ‘Gobbler’ which is a male-turkey.
But you see, he didn’t listen to the question i asked. I asked a simple question and only expected
a simple answer. What’s the point this parable.
Thanksgiving is my favorite celebration, the good food, good company, good laughs and good conversations.
I enjoy tasting everything that is stretched out on the table. I chew everything very slowly; savoring the taste of all these different dishes.
I realize how hard each person worked so diligently to share in the celebration; carrying over the traditional dish from thier grandmother’s recipe book. I enjoy seeing their face light up as they share the stories of their ancestors’. 
  Listening, really listening brings people closer to Jesus. I don’t have to greedily swallow the
conversation with preachy, self impressive conversation. After all, no one will be impressed at all,
not even God. We do not hide our relationship with Jesus Christ, we are not ashamed of
our heritage in Him, but to know Christ and His love, is His expression for those whom He is
working through you as you collaborate with Him in grace, gentleness, love, listening and fellowship. 
 Jess would say, good football games, good deserts, good naps. Does that make me right and him wrong?
Jesus is no respector of persons and He knows how to minister through football games, desert and good naps.
Just relax, enjoy eachother in the Lord. Eat slowly and savor the moments.
Happy Thanksgiving