Blessing on your Journey

As we walk on our journey to the place the Lord has chosen for us,
maybe a different home, state, city, or maybe just a few miles away.
Maybe it is a new church, ministry, or on a mission.  God knows!
Let this be a blessing to you.
Gen. 24: May the Lord direct your steps in the way you should go.
              May the Lord show you his kindness through the people he has placed in your path
              May the Lord go before you and answer your prayer before you are finished praying
              May the Lord lead you on your journey till the very end, and grant you success.
              And may this blessing be upon my sisters as they go with thier husband in obedience to Christ.
                           Our sister, may you increase
                         to thousands upon thousands;
                         May your offspring possess the gates of thier enemies
                                 In Jesus Name Amen