Life is just a journey

Life is just a journey.
I have learned as i have been on this path with Jesus, "Life here is hard, lonely, and sometimes overwhelming in the things i do not understand.
I took God’s grace for granted in the views of the world, and sought after the things of the world.
I figured if i had wealth, i could feed the poor.
But what i have learned is this:
We live in a fallen world, and walk down many roads, but only one road will lead to my destination. Decisions have to be made on my daily route to where i will end. If i choose life, then i will live in the life given through Christ, and live in the Peace that is given in Christ. Provided with the Grace, Love, and Faith from God to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ, with a undying Love.  If i choose death, then i will die a slow death as i journey to the place of undyeing pain and suffering. i have learned that death is only the the death of the Spirit of God’s Son in me, by refusing to trust in Jesus Christ as the Savior from my sins, and learn to live through His Son, Jesus Christ. Life is eternal! No one will die, but live forever. i thought, how can we live forever, when there is death all around us? Jesus says, they are a sleep, but the time will come when all will be awakened, and those who are in the Lord, will go spend eternal life with Him. But those who are not in the Lord, will spend eternal life in the lake of fire.
This road, i have traveled has been lonely, for i have not reconized the Hand that was leading me. Everyday, i need to choose life or death, by choosing life, i am choosing to trust in the One who is leading me, by trusting that He is walking before, behind, beside and above me.
My Armor, is this as i walk on this journey:  the faith that comes from Christ, the strength of God’s unfailing love, the Word of God, that is written on my heart, and ready on my lips. The destination that the Lord led me today, was the Cross
Tonight as i read Ephesians 6, this is the instructions from the Lord.
I am not alone in this journey, there is a enemy out there, that will come against me. This enemy is not of flesh and blood, not my husband, not my children, not my employer, not my inlaws, but of the air. Jesus is the only one who can guide me tomorrow as i put my trust in Him, and walk in the full Armor of God.
Father in heaven,
Thank you for hearing my prayer for the saints and answering my petitions on thier behalf.
Lord, i pray that you will give them the body Armor of faith as they walk in today’s journey.
I pray that you will give them the strength of Your unfailing love, and the Perserveance of Christ Jesus.
Take away the efforts of duty from religious veiws, and legelism, and give to them the confidence that they are walking by YOur Grace.
I pray for the leaders and the saints, that when they open thier mouths, words may be given to them, so that they may fearlessly make known the mystery of the Gospel, that they may declare it fearlessy, as they should.
In Christ Jesus, Amen